Bandits in Zamfara reportedly slaughter over 200 people in four communities

Rafin Danya, Barayar Zaki, Rafin Gero, and Kurfa settlements were reportedly destroyed


Suspected bandits escaping military bombardment in other regions are believed to have killed over 200 people in Zamfara State’s Anna and Bukkuyum Local Government Areas.

According to a source, the bandits raided certain villages in Zamfara in two local government regions, leaving a trail of the dead as they attempted to flee the continuing military operations with a substantial volume of domestic animals.

According to an eye witness, he said

They came with over 3,000 cattle and were trying to leave the state due to the pressure on them by the military operatives when members of a vigilante group tried to engage them in a gun duel.

When they noticed that the bandits were about to enter the village, the local vigilante group members came out to defend the people of the village, but they were overpowered by the bandits, who were moving in large numbers.

They killed many of the vigilante group members and also set the village on fire and killed many people, mostly women and children.

The other neighbouring villages of Rafin Danya, Barayar Zaki and Rafin Gero were also attacked at the same time and it was discovered that more than 200 villagers lost their lives in the process

Rafin Danya, Barayar Zaki, Rafin Gero, and Kurfa settlements were destroyed, according to the source.

Three villages, including Rafin Danya, Kurfa, and Rafin Gero, were extensively burned down by the bandits, according to an eyewitness who communicated to the BBC Hausa Service, and all of the vulnerable communities sustained casualties.

Attempts to contact the state Commissioner for Security and Home Affairs, Mamman Tsafe, for confirmation of the event have been fruitless so far since he has not returned calls.


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