Chinese web users blast Musk for near-misses with space station

According to a document presented to the UN's space agency this month, China's Tiangong space station was required to adopt preventive collision avoidance measures

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On Tuesday, Chinese internet users condemned Elon Musk after Beijing said its space station conducted precautionary actions to prevent clashing with two of his SpaceX satellites, a setback to the tycoon’s credibility in a country that has adopted his Tesla electric automobiles.

According to a document presented to the UN’s space agency this month, China’s Tiangong space station was required to adopt preventive collision avoidance measures during two near contacts with SpaceX’s Starlink satellites in July and October.

The satellites relocated into orbits that triggered space station technicians to change course on both times, according to the document presented to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

According to Beijing on the incident, they said

The maneuver strategy was unknown and orbital errors were hard to be assessed

After landing a rover on Mars and sending satellites to the Moon, Tiangong — which means “heavenly palace”  is the newest triumph in China’s effort of becoming a major space powerhouse.

The station’s core module was launched into orbit earlier this year, and it is scheduled to be able to run smoothly by 2022.

Chinese social media users slammed Musk and his firms over the event, with one hashtag garnering 87 million views as of Tuesday morning.

How ironic that Chinese people buy Tesla, contributing large sums of money so Musk can launch Starlink, and then he [nearly] crashes into China’s space station

A user commented

Prepare to boycott Tesla

Tesla, on the other hand, continues to be highly popular in China, wherein one out of every four of its vehicles is sold. In Shanghai, the company is also establishing a remarkable entirely plant.


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