INEC requests N305bn to conduct 2023 elections

The N305 billion, according to INEC Chairman, is apart from the electoral body's annual budget of N40 billion.

Nigeria polling unit
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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has provided the National Assembly with a N305 billion budget for the 2023 general elections on Monday in Abuja.

The submission was handed to the Senate Committee on Appropriations by its chairman, Mahmood Yakubu.

According to premiumtimes, the committee had demanded that INEC provide the proposal so that it could be included in the 2022 budget, which is set to be approved by both chambers of the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The N305 billion, according to INEC Chairman, is apart from the electoral body’s annual budget of N40 billion.

He stated out that while the Commission had been granted N100 billion out of the entire planned budget, this would not be enough to properly prepare for 2023.

The Commission made a submission through the Executive being part of the Executive body.

We made a submission for N305 billion for the 2023 general elections in a very comprehensive 22-page document with 260 budget lines.

In submitting the Executive proposal to the National Assembly, N140 million was made available to INEC as a one-line item in the budget.

As usual, we broke it down and submitted same to the committee that oversights INEC in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The N140 billion was broken into two; we take it that N40 billion is our regular budget as an agency of government and N100 billion is the first tranche of the 2022 budget.

We have gone ahead to make provisions accordingly.

The N40 billion annual budgets include expenditures for particularly off-season elections.

It may interest the committee to know that we have eight bye-elections pending; three federal constituencies and five state constituencies.

In fact, the last vacancy occurred only last Wednesday following the death of a member representing Giwa West in Kaduna State

In making a case for additional releases from the N205 billion balance, Mr. Yakubu listed activities that must be conducted ahead of the 2023 general elections.

What we have done is to look at the activities that we have to conduct before the general elections.

There are activities that must be concluded. If you are going to replace some of the critical facilities like ballot boxes and voting cubicles, these things must be done before the elections.

Party primaries must be conducted and concluded before the elections and names of candidates submitted, registration of voters would have to be concluded before the elections.

Printing of Permanent Voters Cards would have to be concluded before the elections and some of the critical election technology must be concluded and procured before the elections.


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