Justin Long talks new girlfriend, confirms being in a relationship

Justin remarked his girlfriend had the same  Pizza preference as Fortune when she indicated her favorite topping is pineapple

Justin long
(Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Justin Long has disclosed his relationship status as he confirmed having a new girlfriend.

During the latest episode of his Life Is Short With Justin Long podcast, in which he chatted with the comedian and actress, Fortune Feimster, the 43-year-old Going the Distance star revealed his new relationship status.

Justin didn’t really say what his new girlfriend’s name was, but he acknowledged her when he questioned Fortune concerning her favorite pizza topping.

He, however, remarked his girlfriend had the same Pizza preference as Fortune when she indicated her favorite topping is pineapple.

According to E! News, he said

People have been saying that lately. It’s funny, my girlfriend said hers is—she loves the pineapple, too. I’ve never been with anyone who likes pineapple on pizza.

Justin has revealed to find it very hard to date amid the Covid outbreak last year.

In the past, the actor has been rumored to be in a relationship with Drew Barrymore and Amanda Seyfried.


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