Nigeria government bans airlines from Canada, United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia

Capt. Hadi Sirika, Nigeria's Minister of Aviation, made the announcement on Sunday in Lagos,

Muritala muhammed airport
Photo by Olukayode Jaiyeola/NurPhoto

With effect from Tuesday, December 14, the Federal Government of Nigeria would enforce a ban on airlines flying into Nigeria from Canada, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia.

Capt. Hadi Sirika, Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, made the announcement on Sunday in Lagos, indicating that it was reached in exchange for restricted flights from Nigeria to those countries using the latest COVID-19 type, Omicron.

According to Sirika, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration will also include the United Kingdom, Canada, and Saudi Arabia on a no-fly list due to the obvious Omicron variant’s pandemic and proliferation.

If those countries put Nigeria on a blacklist, the minister remarked, they have no entitlement to having their airlines fly into Nigeria on commercial flights.

According to Sirika’s statement, he promulgated

There is also the case of Saudi Arabia that put Nigeria on the ban list.

On Sunday, I participated in a meeting with the COVID-19 task force.

We have given our input that it is not acceptable by us and we recommended that those Canada, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Argentina also be put on the red list.

As they did to us, if they do not allow our citizens into their countries; who are they coming, as airlines, to pick from our country?

They are not supposed to come in. I am very sure in the next three days, Monday or Tuesday, all those countries will be put on the red list of COVID-19.

He highlighted that the concerned country’s airlines were still restricted, and the countries were listed on Nigeria’s red list.

Sirika appealed to Nigerians looking forward to visiting such nations but maintained that the Nigerian government’s move was in the best interests of the country.


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