Omar Asaad death: Israel punishes officers responsible for the death of Palestinian-American

It's unknown when Asaad died. After the other inmates observed him unresponsive, he was rushed to a hospital and confirmed dead

Omar Asaad death
(Photo by Majdi Fathi/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Following the murder of a 78-year-old Palestinian, Omar Asaad, who was taken from a car, tied, and blindfolded after being intercepted at a checkpoint, the Israeli military said Tuesday that a senior police officer would be penalized and two others would be demoted from their top positions.

According to the report, troops loosened Omar Asaad’s zip, tied, and left him face-down in a deserted apartment where he had been confined with three other Palestinians last month, presuming he was asleep. The other captives said they were ignorant he was there until the troops had gone.

The time Omar Asaad died is unknown. However, after the other inmates observed him unresponsive, he was rushed to a hospital and confirmed dead.

The military stated in a statement by saying

The occurrence was a tragic and sad event.

The inquiry determined that the incident was a grave and unfortunate event, arising from a moral failing and bad decision-making on the side of the soldiers.

The military police are currently conducting a separate criminal probe.

In the United States, Omar Asaad had loved ones. His death drew the attention of the State Department, which required an inquiry. Two members of Wisconsin’s house of delegates have asked for an investigation by the Biden administration.

The Israeli military maintains that such occurrences are investigated thoroughly. However, human rights organizations allege that Israel hardly holds troops culpable for Palestinian killings.

Even in the most heinous crimes especially those caught on camera — troops are typically provided low terms. Palestinians claim they are subjected to systematic maltreatment as a result of the military occupation.

Asaad suffered a heart attack triggered by psychological anxiety due to the outward assault he was exposed to, according to a Palestinian autopsy.

He was found with bruises on his head, redness on his wrists from being chained, and blood in his eyes from being forcefully blindfolded, according to the report.

On Jan. 12, at 3 a.m., Asaad was halted at a temporary roadblock in his hometown of Jiljiliya, in the occupied West Bank.

According to the military, he lacked identification and refused to participate in the security check, and no violence was used aside from when (Asaad) was seized after refusing to cooperate.

When the detainees were freed a half-hour later, the troops did not notice indicators of suffering, according to the report. They assumed (Asaad) was sleeping and made no attempt to wake him up.

The battalion commander will be chastised, and the platoon commander and company commander will be suspended from their posts and forbidden from commanding duties for two years, according to the military.

Omar Asaad was born in Jiljilya but lived in the United States for about 40 years. His relatives in the United States notified The Associated Press that he acquired a US citizen before returning to his native town in 2009 to retire with his wife, Nazmia. They talked before the military’s judgments were made public.

During the 1967 Middle East conflict, Israel took control of the West Bank. Parts of the region are controlled by the Palestinian Authority, although the territory’s 2.5 million population is subject to Israeli military authority.

Israeli troops frequently perform midnight raids, claiming that they are required to apprehend Palestinian terrorists, and set up impromptu checkpoints where Palestinians are stopped and examined.

Assad Assad, Omar Asaad’s nephew, revealed his uncle and aunt left Jiljilya for Chicago in 1969 in pursuit of a better job.

They relocated to Milwaukee in 1974 and thrived, according to him, owning convenience stores and a restaurant. In English, their surname is spelled differently.


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