Tuchel defends Rudiger over Involvement in a Brawl against Leeds United

Tuchel also made it known that he had no idea about what happened on the pitch as at that very moment

Chelsea's Thomas tuchel in a press
(Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

Chelsea won a tense and argumentative match between two old rivals courtesy of a Mason Mount goal and two penalties from Jorginho, both of which came after Rudiger had been fouled.

When referee Chris Kavanagh eventually blew for full-time, a brawl ensued near the corner flag that included players, substitutes, and some members of the coaching staff.

Rudiger sprinted half the length of the pitch to join in the jubilation, stood up to Diego Llorente and other Leeds players before being dragged away by Chelsea teammates.

Tuchel defended the huge centerback despite the fact that this is not the first time the German has been engaged in a conflict.

Rudiger engaging in a brawl on the pitch in the match against Leeds city

Tuchel while defending Rudiger’s prevalence in football controversy, he said

If you have Toni you have Toni. You cannot have Toni as the emotional and aggressive leader, and not expect him to be involved when there are team-mates to protect.

He would not accept losing today. We knew it would be an intense match for Toni and (Cesar) Azpilicueta because of the way Leeds play.

It’s good Toni did not accept to lose.

Tuchel also made it known that he had no idea about what happened on the pitch at that very moment.

I did not see in detail what was going on.

I can understand the frustration because we have all been in that situation when you think you have a point and it slips away.

Leeds likes to win and hates to lose, just like us. Hopefully from what I observed, no harm was done.


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